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Its fun to see top cricket going on at a playground on a chilly, dry and windy day of Pakistan South Region of Sariki patti. Same is true for MPL which starts in the first week of Feb 2021.

Special credit to Mian Ammar Foundation for supporting the cause and making the event more extravagant. Beacon Hall Secondary School is second to none for the noble cause of promoting root level cricket.

Its an event which brings the management of MCC GREEN CC, DOST CRICKET ACADENY and PANTHER CC, to hold this top class All Pakistan Knock Out Event. How can anyone miss of these T20 Clashes where each team fight for its survival to go up the path of glory and honor.

There is no compromise on the selection of officials and quality of pitches to make it happen all. A big response of local cricket lovers is expected positively. We invite all to this event to watch quality cricket.

There are prizes for off boundary catches for the spectators around. why you miss a chance to win a prize. Come and take your opportunity.

All match details and picture gallery will be available throughout the event on Cricmanuals is also happy to announce win a gift contest through the coverage of this event. Cricmanuals invites all to visit website during the event and win your special prize.

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