Sad Demise Of Rashid Riaz Mother

Sad Demise Of Rashid Riaz Mother

 “Every soul shall taste death, and only on the Day of Judgment will you be paid your full recompense.”

Not all have the blessing called mother
Like she is, there is none other
So give here your time, all else can wait
Show her your love before it’s too late.
For a day will come when she will be far
Yet she’ll be with you, whenever you are.

We heartily pay our condolence to Mr. Rashid Riaz(Umpire) on the death of his beloved mother. Its a great loss for him and for his family. May Allah bless her Jannah and give courage to bereaved family to bear this loss. Lets recite Fateha and pray for the departed soul.


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  1. Masood Anwar

    Inna Lilah e Winna elay Rajuoon Allah Pak Janaat Tul firdus main ala muqam ata farmay Aameen

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